Beachscapes of yesterday, family gatherings, days of sun and sand, and nights when the toughest decision is which board game to play are just a few of the emotions and memory makers that make Sunset Beach, NC the ideal vacation spot for families. When we seem to be striving so desperately today to recapture all of the things we enjoyed in our earlier lives as children growing up, Sunset Beach is the logical choice for the perfect vacation. The island of Sunset Beach is unique in beauty due to the ever-growing size of our south facing island. While some islands have erosion, we seem to gain more & more of the sugar-fine sand that makes Sunset beach expansive and ideal for those who like wide-open spaces. We have one of the few remaining unspoiled treasures that no longer has to be something of the past, that can be enjoyed and cherished today. Sunset vacations has the distinct privilege of managing some of the most comfortable and affordable vacation properties in today's market. We presently offer a broad spectrum of properties both in price and accommodations that are sure to suit every need from cozy mid-island cottages to luxurious oceanfront duplexes. The staff at Sunset Vacations and property owners share a timeless love for Sunset Beach and it's capacity for rest, relaxation and enjoyment. We invite you to experience for yourself while allowing our professional staff to find the perfect accommodations for your stay at Sunset Beach. We trust that together we can help you plan that vacation long remembered, never forgotten.

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Sunset Beach, NC 28468

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